Christmas Savings Options

Christmas Savings Options

Want to be organised for Christmas next year.  Many people start weekly savings in their local Penny Bank in January each year.  This builds a fund for Christmas spending and eases the burden of this expensive time of year.

Some Penny Banks may not be operating in 2018 so we have a Christmas Savings Option for members.

You can open a sub account called Penny Bank and save regularly in it.  You agree not to touch this fund until late November and it operates like the local Penny Bank for your Christmas money.

Your Penny Bank account will also earn a dividend for you.  You can pay into it at the counter, by Quicklodge, by direct debit or online using your debit card so no excuse for not saving and being ready for the big Christmas spend.

Saving €10 every week will give you a fund of €500 for Christmas; €20 per week will give you €1,000 so it all adds up to a great way of preparing for Christmas.

Ask about a Penny Bank account at your local office.

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