Penny Bank Christmas Savings

Penny Bank Christmas Savings

With the sad closure of so many voluntary Penny Banks in our Community, we would like to assure people who always saved in a Penny Bank and relied on it to help them through Christmas, that Enniscorthy Credit Union has a Penny Bank Savings Club and we welcome anyone working or living in our common bond to join us in our Penny Bank and to keep this tradition going in our community.


Over the years the various Penny Banks and Savings Clubs throughout Wexford were a lifeline and an important resource for its members for saving for Christmas.

Similar to Penny Banks - our Penny Bank starts from January 4th and savings are locked in until the middle of November, unlike some other Penny Bank Clubs you can pay into your Credit Union Penny Bank by Direct Debit, EFT or you could always meet up with friends once a week, lodge your money and go for a cup of tea.  If you are registered for our online service cuOnline you can also easily transfer money into your penny bank using a debit card. Don't forget we are open on Saturdays and you can save in any of our offices - Abbey Square, Enniscorthy, Ballymurn, Murrintown and Taghmon.

Another benefit of saving with us is that we are a local, not for profit organisation who put our members and our community at the heart of everything we do.

If you are a member just ask about opening a Penny Bank Christmas Savings Account.  If you are not yet a member & you work or live in our common bond catchment area just call in person to any of our offices with your photo ID, proof of address (dated within the last 6 months) and your PPS number (on official documentation) and a member of staff will go through the application process with you. For more information on joining check here.

All about our Penny Bank

  • Save regularly into a Christmas Savings account in your own name by direct debit or cash payments, savings can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • If you are registered for cuOnline, you can easily transfer money in by EFT or using a debit card
  • This is a new account, separate from all other credit union accounts you may hold
  • You get a new Christmas Savings Book
  • Savings locked in until the pay out date in November 2019 - just like a Penny Bank A/C
  • On this date all or part of your savings can be withdrawn - any balance left will be locked in when the Christmas Club starts in Jan 2020
  • Your Christmas Savings A/C will not be closed following the pay-out date and you can continue to save for the following Christmas
  • Christmas Savings cannot be held as security against a loan
  • Only account holders can withdraw the funds from a Penny Bank Account
  • You will still earn any potential dividend on your savings over the year

If you have any questions at all please just ask any of our friendly staff by dropping in to one of our offices or you can contact us on 053-9233835 or at