Art Competition 2020

Art Competition

The Credit Union Art Competition 2020 has landed! This year’s theme is “Imagine More”, encouraging entrants to think past the current situation and imagine. Imagine More is influenced by the creative role art plays in Irish society and encourages participants to unlock their imagination and look at how art inspires us and our communities. Despite the current challenges, art has kept people from all walks of life connected and this year’s theme encourages participants to express this connectivity on paper or canvass.

Art has always been a huge part of Irish life and the Credit Union Art Competition, now in its 37th year, is dedicated to supporting and developing the arts in Irish society. Promoting and encouraging involvement in the arts across communities is an important message we want to spread. Art plays a critical role in enriching the lives of everyone and is central to sustaining, and increasing connections. Entrants are urged to reflect on the crucial role that the arts play in Irish society and how they help bind communities.

Competition Stages

This year’s closing dates for each stage of the competition are as follows:

Stage Level Closing Date
Stage 1 Credit Union Level Friday 23rd October
Stage 2 Chapter Level Friday 20th November
Stage 3 National Final Level Friday 4th December

The winning entries from stage one are passed to Chapter for adjudication at a regional (second) stage before the winners only at this level are forwarded to the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) for final (national) judging.


The Credit Union Art Competition comprises of two categories. General Category and the Category for People with Disabilities.

Age limit applying as at December 31st 2020

7 years and under inclusive
8 – 10 years inclusive
11- 13 years inclusive
14-17 years inclusive
18 years and over (Adult)
Group (Category for People with Disabilities)

The Category for People with Disabilities allows participants with a physical or intellectual disability to be actively encouraged by their teachers to submit entries in free expression painting or drawing, without the restrictions of the competition’s official theme (should they so wish).

If you have any queries regarding the Art Competition, contact Aine at 053 9233835 or email

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