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Want the convenience of online and mobile access to your account? Want Access 24/7?

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With Online Access you can:

View/Print Statements of Accounts

Pay into Credit Union using Debit Card

Transfer money between Credit Union Accounts

Transfer Money to Bank Accounts

Pay Bills from Credit Union Accounts

Pay Regular Standing Orders

Apply for Loans Online

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How to access your accounts online

All you have to do is go to our website, then :

  • Click “REGISTER Online” – at the top of the page (desktop) or in the menu (mobiles)
  • Create your username
  • Fill in the online form
  • Keep a note of your username and password
  • You will receive your PIN by text

Once you have your PIN :

  • Go to
  • Choose “MEMBERS Login” – at the top of the page (desktop) or in the menu (mobiles)
  • Enter your USERNAME
  • Next you enter your PASSWORD usually letters and numbers, that you created when you registered or we emailed to you (not your PIN– which is the 8 digit number you got by post/text)
  • Generate OTP – you will receive a secure message to your mobile phone or code generator, this can take up to 30 seconds
  • The 4 digit number within the text must be entered at this point
  • Click “I approve this transaction”
  • Enter activation PIN – which is the 8 digit number you got by post/text
  • Click Submit.

Enniscorthy CU App

  • Once you have logged in online through the “MEMBERS Login” on our website, you can download the Enniscorthy Credit Union App.
  • You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Please note – 

  • Please do not save your Passwords on your device – enter them manually each time you log on.
  • Internet Explorer cannot be used to log on as it is built on old technology which Microsoft is replacing with Edge, it will not be supported with Security updates in the near future – please use another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Login Help Video

Please note: If you are having issues logging on to your Online Account. Please email

Any queries about Online Access, please email or call 053 9233 835. Contact