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Our History

1964 – Enniscorthy Credit Union Founded
Enniscorthy Credit Union Limited was founded following a public meeting held in Bennetts Hotel, Enniscorthy, on Monday 13th April 1964.

1968 – Moved from Athenaeum to Castle Street
The Credit Union used the Athenaeum accommodation until the 1st November 1968 when it moved across the street to rooms let by Mr. P. Bourke, Castle Street. Friday night opening still applied with directors and other committee members acting as tellers.

1970 – First full time employee
In December 1970, the directors decided to advertise for a full-time employee and on the 11th January 1971, Mr Seamus Comerford was appointed to the position. The credit union was now open to the public on 4 days in the week. Almost from the time of its inception, the directors harboured the ambition of purchasing a premises for credit union use.

1972 – Acquired No1 Market Square
In April 1972 they acquired No1 Market Square, which was officially opened in October 1973 by President Erskine Childers.

1972 – Second full time employee
In 1972 a second member of staff was employed and this coincided with the purchase of an accounting machine which was the first sign of technology and computers in the credit union.

1972 – 1981 – Age of Technology
From 1972, when the first piece of technology was purchased until 1981 much progress was made in developing the credit union especially from a technological viewpoint. Then in 1981 the pinnacle of development occurred when the credit union invested in some of the most modern computer equipment available which enabled the members to receive an up to date balance on their account each time they carried out a transaction.

1994 – 9,500 Members
In 1994, thirty years after the initial meeting was held to establish a credit union in the town the membership had grown to a staggering nine thousand five hundred who had a combined savings of €6,844,681 and had loans to the value of €5,298,791. By now the credit union had become one of the great success stories of the community and had out grown its premises in the Market Square.

1994 – Move to Abbey Square
Following the Christmas break of 1994 Enniscorthy Credit union Ltd., opened its doors to a brand new purposely built building in Abbey Square, where it is currently located.

2010 – Merge with Ballymurn
Early in 2010 another chapter began in the life of Enniscorthy Credit Union, when proceedings began in order to carry out a transfer of engagements of Ballymurn Credit Union to Enniscorthy Credit Union. The transfer of engagements took many months of meetings and discussions and was completed by the end of September 2010. Following the amalgamation, the total membership of Enniscorthy Credit Union stood at over 26,000 members with an asset size of almost €145 million. The original premises used by Ballymurn Credit Union in Ballymurn Village now acts as a sub office and provides all the services provided by our main office at Abbey Square.

2016 – Merge with Piercestown & District
In early 2016 Enniscorthy Credit Union and Piercestown & District Credit Union entered talks about a transfer of engagements. After many meetings and talks, the two credit unions merged into one and we now have sub offices in Murrintown and Taghmon. We now have over 31,000 members,assets of €180 million and our common bond stretches over nearly half of County Wexford’s area.

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