Saturday, December, 11th, 2021 in Credit Union News

Dear Member,

Enniscorthy Credit Union will be holding its Annual General Meeting virtually again in January 2022.  The number of people required to gather to hold the AGM would be cause of concern due to COVID-19.  Details on how and when we will safely deliver our AGM will be communicated to you as soon as they are finalised.

It is important that Enniscorthy Credit Union continues to make responsible and prudent decisions to further strengthen our credit union. As a result, Enniscorthy Credit Union with the guidance of the Central Bank will not be proposing a dividend or loan interest rebate to its members for the 2021 Financial Year.  We understand that not declaring a dividend and interest rebate is disappointing for members, but this action will place us in a better position to deal with the uncertainty of COVID-19 going forward.

As a designated essential service, we are prioritising strengthening the credit union so we will always be there for our members when they need us.  We have also invested in our Credit Union to enhance the range of services available to our members, including our MyCu Current accounts which will give our members the opportunity to use ECU for all their banking requirements in the future.

We know our members value the continued service we provide. At Enniscorthy Credit Union, we can assure our members that we will continue to look after their needs. We also want to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their loyalty. Working together with our members we will remain a cornerstone of the local community, and weather the current challenges we face.

Enniscorthy Credit Union